June 17, 2013

Baptism delayed

Nothing too interesting happened this week, but it was very nice and I feel like we got work done. We don't have too many (two) investigators though. I'm trying to learn as much Spanish as I can this transfer. My companion is from Mexico, so I gotta go all out on this one. Yo pienso que si yo leo El Libro de Mormon, yo puedo aprendar.

So, our investigator told us that he'll have to delay the baptism. When he went to go invite his father to his baptism, his dad was like, "But you haven't even tried my religion yet!" So now they're spending all kinds of time together (jealous!). Hopefully this will bring them closer together since his dad isn't around very much. So now he'll be learning all kinds of things in a mosque or whatever they do in Persia where his dad is from. I'm quite curious about it, hopefully he'll be able to describe it to me. His dad said he's fine with him being baptized though and he still makes it to church.

Elder Van Dyke


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