July 22, 2013

Church was awesome!

We're busy trying to visit all of the ward leaders. Our mission leaders want us to show all of them the training videos that the church came out with recently. Then we're supposed to ask them all what they're plan is for putting that into effect and make a report about it. It feels like a difficult task, but I suppose it's not any harder than anything else I do.

We're getting better at finding stuff to do. Usually missionaries just knock doors when an appointment doesn't happen, but we're not supposed to do that anymore. Our mission is still waiting to be authorized to use Facebook.

Two elders finished their missions and returned back to Torrance 1st ward where I'm serving. The chapel was quite full on Sunday. I got to see a whole bunch of families from my previous area. Both of the elders immediately gave us their cell phone number in case we needed their help. How exciting!

We also had two investigators came to church. I sat with one of them, and the other, my companion said he saw her but wasn't able to reach her.

A bunch of sister missionaries have come up to me recently saying they heard about my cooking from a former investigator and asked to try it. It's weird that all of them would have come across the same person, but it's one of the best things I heard for a while. Maybe I'll make something for district meeting next Friday.

Elder Van Dyke


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