August 26, 2013

Georgia, on my mind

We haven't been teaching a lot of lessons lately. But we have two baptismal dates right now. However, neither of them is too solid from our point of view. One of them is a rather elderly man who's been taking missionary lessons for years. We've decided we must put the pressure on him as much as possible. He knows and understands a large amount of the gospel and the scriptures. So, we don't all that knowledge to be held against him if he dies of old age before he gets baptized. It seems making important decisions like that makes him nervous. In our last lesson we taught about faith using an object lesson. We explained that when I do a backflip I'm not actually thinking about anything (or looking at the floor much) while I'm in the air. I just do it and land each one using faith. He has faith that the things we teach are true and in the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ, HE JUST HAS TO DO IT.

As for the other investigator, we reckon she'll be happy to be baptized once she understands the doctrine. For now, she just has to remember to read the scriptures and pray. We'll see her tomorrow with an appropriate fellowshipper.

We (I, more accurately) locked our keys in the car this morning. We were at the laundry mat. I started making phone calls while my companion was talking to Jehovah Witnesses in Spanish. Our most trusted ward mission leader called some people for us and they came with their tools and got the door open. Amazingly, all this happened before the laudry finished. My companion said his conversation with the JW's was super pleasant and they were surprized at how agreeable their message of the day was to him. It was something about kingdoms of glory, I think.

Elder Van Dyke


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