July 15, 2013

I'm seeing a lot of the same.

Well, my new area is in the same zone (Kent Zone) as the one before my last area. I was in Kent Zone for nine months, and then went to Downey Zone for six weeks, now I'm back in Kent Zone. It's a different area (Torrance 1st) of course, but I knew all of the major streets before I got there. My companion Elder Rodriguez is someone who was there in Kent Zone the whole time that I was there so we know each other fairly well already.

My first day in the area Elder Rodriguez needed a haircut, but he didn't want to go to a barber. So I got a pair of scissors and cut it for him. It took us a long time because we didn't have a comb. However, it turned out well and was nicely textured. It's going to waste right now because we still don't have a comb.

As soon as I walked into the church building, someone asked me to give a talk. I spoke for seven minutes about missionary work. While I spoke I mentioned how I'm from Georgia and play piano. I fully expected most of them to forget and ask me where I'm from, but they all just asked me which part of Georgia I'm from. They also remember I play piano. When the third hour of church for priesthood started, one of the brothers said, "Hey! I heard you played piano. Actually I heard that from you, 'cause you said that in your talk. Can you play piano for priesthood? None of the brothers play." It was awesome!

Unfortunately my previous ward was needing someone to play for Primary. I only got to play for them once because no one asked me until right before I left for this one.

We had two investigators at church yesturday. I've only met one of them though. The one I met is an old man who's been taught pretty much all that missionaries ever teach at one point or another. He likes to read the Gospel Principles manual. Though it seems he has difficulty cultivating faith. He should be fasting today so he can get some.

Elder Van Dyke


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