May 28, 2013

I'm transferring

We had one investigator at church yesterday. It was especially nice to have her there because I've been trying to meet her for the whole nine months or so that I've been here. She happens to be married to a returned missionary, whom I have also not seen at church ever.

After church we went to two baptisms. The first one was for an investigator from my last area that I taught. The second baptism was for someone else. The guy in the first one had waited for seven months to get baptized. His mother was not interested in learning about the church her son was going to, so she would not give permission for the baptism until now. Though, it's entirely understandable that she wouldn't allow it. From her point of view, it would have only seemed like he was going to church because his girlfriend is a Mormon. She probably couldn't have known that he attended even more than she did. Unfortunately, his mother was not able to make it to the baptism.

So, we're both being transferred out of the area. I'm going to the Downey First ward, and my companion, Elder Moffitt, is going to La Brea Park.

Elder Van Dyke


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