June 12, 2013

Just came from the Temple. Baptism next Sunday!

On the Monday before last I totally tore stuff in my ankle while playing volleyball. I jumped to spike the ball and the kid behind me did so as well. We collided in the air and then I spike the ball. I totally scored the point, but I tore my ankle up. I could hear ripping sounds as landed and rolled to the side. When I took my shoe off there was a massive bump on the side of my foot. So I took a day and a half off from work and let it rest. It still hurts, but I don't have any trouble walking on it.

On Sunday two people gave their farewell talks before they go to their missions. They were both really good and I learned something new from both of them. One of them shared a scripture that I shared with him the day before at dinner (2 Timothy 1:7). During his talk he was like, "I forgot the name of the elder who it to me, but he's right there in the back." We were also blessed to have one investigator and two less actives attend church.

So, the young investigator in our area that's trying to get baptized - he asked his parents! Well, just one of them actually. His mother said she's fine with it as long as he's serious about it and goes to church every Sunday (he'll be walking). She also said his father doesn't have any kind of custody over him, so he doesn't really have a say in whether he gets baptized. Hence, the boy did not ask his father about it. I'm not sure if he even knows yet, but he's going to proceed. He did his baptismal interview yesterday and passed.

Elder Van Dyke


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