June 03, 2013

Lots of flashbacks

My new Downey First area is very close to the second area I went to on my mission, Downey Second. How funny. I'm emailing from the same library I used to go to a year ago. The good librarian is still there. We go to a different church building though. It's right across from where we live. It would take 45 seconds to walk there in good traffic. This ward has four missionaries just like my last one. We cover the east side of the ward.

Apparently the ward boundaries were just changed. So lots of members spoke about that during testimony meeting. Most of them said they didn't really want to change wards, but they know that God wants them to support their leaders. So they did.

My companion (Elder Martinez of Mexico) has a permanently broken hamstring, so we can't run in the morning as missionaries over here generally do. He lifts weights. I do push ups n' stuff. I'm going to miss running. On Thursday I got into a race with the youth from a couple of the wards around here. Of course, I was significantly faster than all of them (I got long legs). I'm hoping that will make me the "cool elder" and we'll get tons of referrals. Or maybe they'll just be mad that I beat them in dress shoes. Hmm.

We have one investigator with a baptismal date. He's seventeen years old. He goes to seminary and is excited about being baptized. He's working on building up the courage ask for permission from his parents to follow through with his plans to be Mormon. We think his mother will be totally fine with it because she's a Christian. Though his father belongs to some sort of faith that is more common in the Eastern hemisphere. I hear he's very tolerant though.

Elder Van Dyke


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