August 20, 2013

Making a fashion statement

So, they changed a bunch of the dress code rules a bit ago. I'm currently having fun wearing my previously off-limits hat at the library where all the missionaries do their email. Our mission hasn't made an announcement about yet. It's only been changed on the church website so far. We're now allowed to wear light-grey and light-brown suits, scarves, sweaters without suit jackets (cardigans!), sweaters that aren't black, and we're NOT allowed to have backpacks anymore. I'm going to have to get a shoulder bag, I guess. Maybe not though, I'm almost done.

We just got the announcement about transfers! My companion (E. Rodriguez) and I are both staying in our area. Elder Rodriguez is just a little disappointed. He's been in the Torrance 1st ward for 10 and a half months already. So now he'll be staying for at least the next month and a half (unless he's emergency transferred) which will make it an entire year in the same area. Hardcore, huh?

Exciting progress! The Deacon's quorum president is starting to visit less-active deacons. The idea just suddenly occurred to him. We suggested some people he could go see and he was totally excited about it. I remember when I was deacon's president I didn't know what to do and so I didn't do anything. We're going to help the other quorums as well.

Elder Van Dyke


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