August 12, 2013

Super good birthday!

For the first time ever I got my hair cut at a barber shop (salon?). I got a super short zero. It was at one that a member owns and it's connected to his wife's dental place. They had a birthday cupcake waiting for me and we're going to have dinner together later after we make dessert together.

Our number one referral giver just got her patriarchal blessing. SHE'S GOING ON A MISSION! We're all super excited and I had totally been hoping she would go on one. The idea of it had been weighing down on her for the longest time. She was super worried that God would leave the decision up to her when she got the blessing, but fortunately He didn't. I'm sure it'll be suprizing for a lot of people because every boy in the ward wants to marry her. But I think it's the best news ever.

So, President Weidman made an anouncement that all of the elders are NOT to be friends with the sister missionaries. Our zone leaders delivered the anouncement and then had the sister leaders explain in further detail. Conversation should go no further than, "How's your area?" This nailed me in the heart especially because I had just made a sweet potato pie for everyone. We always have lunch together after district meeting. I'm glad I'm sorta at the end of my mission, 'cause this is depressing.

We're have an okay (just okay) of lessons with various investigators, but no one is investigating very consistently. So we're working helping the members learn to do their own missionary work. It seems a common concern is trying not to seem like a religious fanatic while sharing the gospel. It also seems the easiest way around it is relying on church activities and making sure the missionaries know who to talk to.

Elder Van Dyke


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