October 14, 2013

The best kind of news

Our investigator Chris has passed his baptismal interview! It's going to be the first convert baptism this ward has had in over a year. The church building is reserved for the baptism and pretty much everything is going well for him. He's reading the scriptures a lot, prays, and is reviewing General Conference. His biggest concern right now is whether or not to invite his father to the baptism. Chris' father is a Baptist pastor and has been such for as long as Chris can remember. We can't quite tell which decision he's going to make, but we pray that his father will be invited.

We're running out of things to do! Sometimes. The mission president once mentioned to me that historically, Torrance 1st doesn't usually see a lot of work. However, the ward is very strong and they do what they should. Yesterday one of the youth brought one of her friends to church. They're both learning English at the same school. We're not entirely sure, but we think they both enjoyed their church experience.

Elder Van Dyke


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