September 09, 2013

Trying to stay busy

Our most promising investigator right now is an old lady who's husband had recently died. She's friends with some members who live across the street. The members told us, "Go tell her where her husband is!" And so we did. Once we told her who had us go over there, she was very interested to her what we had to say. She even took a notebook out to take notes. We'll have to wait a while because she's on vacation right now and she get back on the 17th.

I really like the new mission president! It seems like President Weidman is making everything better. However, the improvement often requires that we have to sacrifice something fun. For example, the missionaries don't have lunch together after district meetings anymore. We've got to go back to our areas as fast as possible before we lose the fire to do the things we learned in district meetings. I'll miss showing off what little cooking skill I have, but the rule has helped our area a bunch. It's nice.

Recently I've been seeing lots of people from my previous wards. And it's always someone I didn't talk to a lot so I often don't remember their name or which ward they came from.

Elder Van Dyke


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