October 21, 2013

Under pressure

This Saturday will be the baptism. We still need to get the program together. Ward members are getting the musical number together. The baptismal jumpsuits are apparently too big for Chris. Yesterday was stake conference so the baptism didn't get announced. I'm going to check and make sure all the forms are good. We still don't know if Chris is going to invite his dad.

Stake conference was a lot of fun. We sang in the choir, and by doing so got the nice seats up on the stand. We were able to have one of the seventy speak. Chris got to meet some people in the ward finally.

Recently one of the youth set up an appointment for us with one of her friends (Bella) who told her that she wants to be a Mormon because she likes how everyone is excited about going on their missions. We had a good lesson with Bella, but maybe it was too short. We were told she asked tons and tons of questions after we left. The family who referred Bella is now in a race to get her baptized before I go back home. They hinted that I should extend my mission to get it done. If she goes to church the next Sunday, it's possible.

Elder Van Dyke


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