September 16, 2013

We're so tired!

We were doing laundry today but we didn't have enough cash to make it happen. We hade two dollars which was enough to get wash going, but not to dry. We put our remaining quarter in the dryer for my clothes and then it got stuck. We were able to get it unstuck along with all the other quarters that got stuck in that machine, allowing us to get our clothes dry.

The missionaries in our zone hiked up to the Hollywood sign today. We weren't terribly excited about going 'cause it was hot and not that fun. But we went anyway 'cause we always show support for stuff. It was a good photo opp though.

We're having a nightmare trying to schedule a missionary activity with the missionaries from Redondo 1st ward. We're going to have the youth in both wards learn the Restoration so they can teach it to less-active members. There SO many details to work out and not enough time to prepare as much as we would like. But we're also having a BBQ to invite investigators to. That's easy.

Elder Van Dyke


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